#1 Marriage Boot Camp Seminar

What Marriage and Life Enrichment Retreats are all about:

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Take the Bite out of Fight

Want a sure-fire way to stop fighting? Focus on the connection! Here’s how…

From Divorce to renewal

Hear how one couple, on the verge of divorce, found their way back to the love that was always there underneath the pain of conflict and loneliness.

Sex Puppets and Reality Stars

Reality stars Sean and Catherine Lowe, Mama June and Sugar Bear, Althea and Benzino, Sundy and Cedric, Sarah and Ink, fight, love and use sex puppets!

Communicating from your heart

Communication problems can arise when you don’t speak the same language! Learn how to be bilingual in love and find your way to each other’s hearts.

Are you compatible? Today Show gives you answers

Want to know if you and your mate are compatible? Elizabeth Carrol, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb show you how to know for sure!

Are men and women different?

Marriage Boot Camp’s Jim and Elizabeth Carroll share the
ultimate battle of the sexes on Fox and Friends. Find out how to
make peace with your mate by understanding the hard wired
differences between men and women. Stop fighting!

Marriage Boot Camp takes on Bridezillas

Can Marriage Boot Camp save the marriages of a bunch of crazy bridezillas? Find out how Jim and Elizabeth deal with couples who start out in trouble.

8 from Marriage Bootcamp Seminar
MBC is definitely one of my highlight moments of my life. Going in, we had a good & strong marriage and I thought if I could just add one more tool in my toolbelt, that it would just be great. Little did I know my MBC experience would change my perspective on how I view myself and the role I play in my marriage. I learned so much more about myself in 4 days than 40 years! Everyone should do MBC/ LEBC at least once in their lifetime!
Loreena Yeo