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About Us and Marriage Boot Camp

Everything we do is to give you your "happily ever after". Whether you have been married forever or single our goal is to take you from broken to whole, isolated to connected, good to great!
Here's what we do and here's who we are:
About Us - Marriage Boot Camp

80% of these couples were still together and rated themselves “happily married” after two years!

About the Marriage & Life Enrichment Boot Camps

The Boot Camp program is an intense, interactive, 4-day healing experience equivalent to 2 years of individual psychotherapy.

The Marriage & Life Enrichment Boot Camp combine to create the perfect blend of relationship and individual work to give you a transformative experience like no other. Most consider the Boot Camp one of the top ten experiences of their lives!

Our success rate with couples is phenomenal! Research proves it! In a longitudinal study of 31 couples on the brink of divorce who left the Boot Camp together, here’s what we found – 80% of these couples were still together and rated themselves “happily married” after two years!

It's Time to Get Serious About Your Healing Journey
Marriage BootCamp - Get the Personal Attention You Need!

Get the Personal Attention You Need!

50% of the time you will be with your mate or with one person one-on-one. On average, we have available one facilitator for every six attendees so you will get plenty of personal attention.

We know that you don’t do life one-on-one in front of a therapist so the Boot Camp is designed to create the most realistic community experience possible.

THIS is the best way to grow and heal!