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Are you in a marriage that is falling apart? Well, you’re not alone. Every year it seems that the rate of divorce just keeps going up.

Hollywood stars make divorce seem so normal that we marvel at celebrities with long-standing marriages like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson who have been married since 1988.

This is a question that I get all the time. “How do we stop all the fighting!?!” 
So what can we do? First, understand that CONNECTION is the goal, not winning a point and that agreement is rare (see FUN FACT). At Boot Camp, we use a tool called MVP.

If you can master this one skill, it will revolutionize your communication.

If I’m being honest, and I am honest to a fault, my marriage is hard right now. Jim and I got married many years ago and enjoyed an extended five-year honeymoon. Utter, unrealistic bliss! My daughters found us sickening! I think God knew we’d need a season of bliss to look back on because He knows our wounds and they are deep. Deep wounds make it easy to blame and give up. DON’T.
My therapist says that our marriage is providential, meaning that God meant for Jim and me to be together. He is my perfect storm and I am his. He is my iron sharpening iron. I freaking hate it. I want my bliss back!!!

How many of you have rules when you fight? Marriage Boot Camp has boiled down the top 8 rules if you want to have healthy, productive fights.

The Rules of Engagement are for one goal: to give you success in managing conflict and getting rid of the bitterness that plagues your relationships.