The Boot Camp program is an intense, interactive, 4-day therapeutic experience equivalent to 2 years of individual psychotherapy. 

The Marriage Boot Camp and the Life Enrichment Boot Camp combine to create the perfect blend of relationship work and individual work to give you a transformative experience like no other. Most consider the Boot Camp one of the top ten experiences of their lives!

Our success rate with couples is phenomenal! Research proves it! We conducted a longitudinal study of 62 couples on the brink of divorce. We followed them after their Boot Camp experience and here's what we found - 80% of these couples were still together and rated themselves "happily married" after two years! 

Sarah Conducts Marriage Drill

Sarah Tolbert Conducts an Exercise

Lillian Marriage Seminar

Lillian Kemp Directs an Exercise



The Marriage Boot Camp is a unique blend of therapeutic modalities that is active, deep and fast-paced. You will never be bored! We believe that you can learn more in a 5 minute game than in an hour long lecture. We combine expert teaching, real-life stories, and more! YOU will be an active participant in your healing journey and will come away with the tools to create the life you've always wanted!


You will learn to communicate effectively, to resolve conflict in a productive way, to put the past in the past and forgive. We show you how to co-parent in a way that is best for the children and we bring you the latest and greatest research on how to improve your sex life. Most importantly, you will discover WHO YOU ARE and have a ton of fun in the process.

Elizabeth Carroll Directs

Elizabeth Carroll "Get rid of your baggage!"

Boot Camp Couple
 Heal Your Broken Marriage!


The Life Enrichment Boot Camp is designed for individuals to work on themselves, but you can come as a couple if you want to do this together. We expect everyone to give 100% and If you do, you will come away transformed!
On average, we have available one facilitator for every six attendees so you will get plenty of personal attention. 

The Life Enrichment Boot Camp is an interactive, 21-hour program designed to help you learn how your past has impacted you are today and how to redirect your life in a positive direction. We use a combination of interactive, games, drills & competitions to help you get directly at the issues that are in the way of having the life that you truly want. Break the cycles that keep you standing still and change your life!

At the Life Enrichment Boot Camp, participants learn how to love themselves, open up again, dump their past, find their value, worth and self respect. Thousands of hurting people have gone through the Boot Camp seeking and have rediscovered their truth.


Talented and Caring Coaches for each Small Group

Jim Carroll Serious

It's Time to Get Serious About Your Healing Journey

Elizabeth Carroll is a TV personality, author of the book Marriage Boot Camp: Defeat the Top Ten Marriage Killers and Build a Rock-Solid Relationship, public speaker, counselor, life coach and serves as the CEO and Executive Director of the Marriage Boot Camp ministry.

Elizabeth is seen on We TV as the host /relationship expert on 7 seasons of the hit TV series, Marriage Boot Camp and is known for her work as a Dr. Drew Life Changer. With 30 years in the corporate world with Levi Strauss & Co. and a master’s level education in Counseling Psychology; she brings a unique combination of experience in contemporary culture and insight into the psychodynamics of the human mind and relationships. Elizabeth brings practical experience in teaching, public speaking, corporate training, and counseling.

Elizabeth is wife to Jim Carroll, founder of the Boot Camp ministries, and mother to daughters Ilsa and Olivia.

Elizabeth Carroll Director

Jim Carroll is the founder and creator of the Life Enrichment and Marriage Boot Camp. Jim got his start as a trainer with Dr. Phil. From there, he honed his skills and used his natural insight to transform mundane materials into exciting, interactive learning games since 1994, saving relationships with the best of the best in games, drills and exercises along with a heavy dose of boot camp-style tough love. 

Jim is the host of the TV series, Marriage Boot Camp leading  7 Seasons of Bridezillas and Reality Stars on the WeTV Network. Jim is also a Dr. Drew Life Changer, host of TLC Marriage Camp and helped Gene Simmons put his marriage together on Family Jewels.

Jim is a film maker who produced the low budget thriller, Evil Behind You and will release, Assassin 33 AD in the fall. Jim is the author of Hollywood Dating Blunders published by Skyward publishing, Angel Vision and Cover of Darkness by Huntington House. Jim also writes music which is available as Jim Carroll Cinematic Soundtracks. 

Jim is a business man, the founder and CEO of Champion National Security and along his wife Elizabeth share a blended family of 2 daughters and 2 sons.


Jim Carroll Marriage


Sarah Tolbert is the Managing Director of the Boot Camp Ministries.

Sarah has always had a passion for helping others, has a gift of leadership is and encourager drawn to those who are hurting. She will push you with care and compassion and help you become the very best version of you.

Sarah is a small business owner, a ministry leader, speaker and a pastoral and family counselor. In addition, Sarah has personally experienced a season of hardship in divorce and single parenting which richly informs her work.

Sarah is a Certified Life Coach and got her education at Liberty University, with a focus on Psychology in Christian Counseling. She is currently studying family and marriage counseling at Amberton University.  

She is married to her husband Tom, and their blended family includes 4 beautiful daughters, Meredith age 20, Haley age 12, Emma age 7, and Cora age 3 and two large German Shepherds. Sarah enjoys reading, traveling with her family, working out, and riding the motorcycle with her husband.

Sarah Tolbert Director
Sarah Tolbert

Mike & Loreena Yeo are Boot Camp Directors, realtors by profession, servant healers by passion and Loreena is our Production Director. They love to serve and it shows up in everything they do especially the incredible investment they make in all who come to the Boot Camp.

Prior to real estate, Mike worked as a computer programmer/developer with Perot Systems & Dell. He is technical in nature and constantly thinks about systems and processes to make things better. Loreena worked as a structural engineer for 8 years before becoming a full-time realtor. She is highly-organized, detailed-oriented and loves spreadsheets & reports.

The Yeos are active members of Hope Fellowship church where they serve as elders. They also lead financial classes, counsel those in need of financial skills, and lead the church usher & lobby team on Sundays. 

Originally from Malaysia, they met at the University of Oklahoma, were married in 2001 and have 2 beautiful young children, Meng and SherLi. 

Nate Mayberry Director
mike & loreena yeo

Nate Mayberry is a Certified Life Coach, a business man in the medical laser aesthetics field, a husband and father of two daughters, and a HUUUUGE Nebraska Cornhuskers fan.

We call Nate "Tattoo Nate" because he sports the most beautiful tattoo sleeves we've ever seen, but in fact, owns Prosper Tattoo Laser Removal for those who may have made a youthful mistake with the ink.

He will also keep you looking young and fabulous with his many aesthetic services, from skin resurfacing, body contouring , to hair removal and more!

Fun fact: Nate was once an MMA professional fighter for the American Top Team. Please don't pick a fight with him. 





Nate Mayberry Director

Ben & Melody Pahlow have been married for 30+ years.  Both Ben and Melody are Certified Life Coaches. They have 4 adult children, Amber, Nathan, Michael, and Hope.  Melody and Ben are co-founders of a not-for-profit called Africa Family Rescue.  This organization exists to restore hope and dignity to widows and orphans in extreme poverty in Uganda Africa.  Melody is a director and coach with MBC and Ben is the director of Hospitality and a coach.





Nate Mayberry Director
ben & melody pahlow



Many of the Marriage Boot Camp Directors have experienced the pain of divorce and that inspired the creation of the Marriage Boot Camp seminars. This team is bonded with a vision to help hurting people and revive marriages. Our  team of counselors and coaches have over 60 years of combined experience in Marriage Seminar Leadership!



The price The price for the Marriage Boot Camp is $1,200 per couple.  It runs from Wednesday morning until Saturday evening.   This a very intense 4 days program for 10 A.M to 11 P.M.  Saturday is over by 6:00 P.M.  This does not include travel, hotels or meals.  Some partial scholarships are available.  Please email us in you need assistance.

The Life Enrichment Boot Camp is $200.00 per person or $300.00 per couple.  It is the evening program from Wednesday to Friday from 6:00 P.M. until 11:00 P.M.  Saturday is from 10:00 A.M until 6:00 P.M.   It is designed of individual growth, but has also been very successful in helping couples.   

Because past graduates donate to support the Boot Camp, we can often find someone who will sponsor you by paying a portion of your fee.