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#1 Marriage Seminar - Recommended by Dr. Phil, Steve Harvey, Dr. Drew

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You are not alone... and we understand. Our Marriage Seminar and Couples Retreat are the best self-improvement seminars around.


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Marriage Seminar Founder:

Elizabeth Carroll is a Doctor of Psychology, TV personality, author of the book Marriage Boot Camp. Defeat the Top Ten Marriage Killers and Build a Rock-Solid Relationship, public speaker, blogger, therapist, and serves as the CEO and Executive Director of the Marriage Boot Camp seminar. Elizabeth also hosts the Marriage Boot Camp marriage retreat on a variety of tropical islands for a unique experience of connection and intimacy.

Elizabeth can be seen on Wetv as the host and relationship expert on 7 seasons of the hit TV series, Marriage Boot Camp and is known for her work as a Dr. Drew Life Changer. With 30 years in the corporate world with Levi Strauss & Co., she brings a unique combination of experience in the corporate world and insight into the psychodynamics of the human mind and relationships. Elizabeth brings practical experience to this amazing self-improvement seminar with teaching, public speaking, humor, and empathic counseling.

Elizabeth has 2 daughters, Ilsa Levine-Hawkins, married to Riley Hawkins  and Olivia Carroll.

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Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars

Marriage Boot Camp Plan of Action: Improve your marriage and life now!

Register for yourself and your spouse today for the next Marriage Boot Camp 4-day Marriage Seminar event.

Experience the life-changing healing and connection you never thought possible.

Healing in any form is not just for you, it’s for your children and your children’s children. Positive change is contagious and your newfound health will have a ripple effect on generations to come.

Marriage Boot Camp helped save my marriage...

I had given up on my marriage and on myself. This was a last hope and my husband was willing but not truly sold on the idea. We were lost.In four days I found myself and the issues that kept me from being a happy person and a loving wife. I learned about personal pain and the walls I had built making it impossible to have a healthy relationship. My husband was equally successful in identifying and releasing past hurts. We learned to forgive the past and focus on the future and best, fell in-love again in a healthy a stronger way. We disagree yet it will not break us. We can argue but have tools to fight fair and make the conflict not only shorter but effective when using communication skills we lacked. Best, after a short time our children can sense a change and their own stress is now gone.Happy is a real word everyday finally.
Dallas, TX (MBC & LEBC)

The most powerful marriage ministry you will ever encounter...

About The Marriage Bootcamp Seminar

This Marriage Boot Camp​ not only changed my life for forever….it SAVED my life. My marriage was O-V-E-R and both my husband and I were at the lowest place two people could possibly be. We had been together 27 years and were as far apart as we could be. THIS IS THE MOST POWERFUL MINISTRY YOU WILL EVER ENCOUNTER. If you feel lost, angry, hurt, overwhelmed, depressed, bitter, resentful or even just sad then you need this seminar. It is unlike any seminar will you have ever attended! RUN to the nearest one and experience FREEDOM like never before!
Athens, TX (MBC)
The Marriage Boot Camp is a 4-day intensive marriage seminar and retreat that uses interactive,
hands-on exercises designed to renew your connection and save your marriage.
Ranked in the top marriage seminars in the country!
Marriage Boot Camp Singles Healing Live
Marriage Boot Camp Couples Healing
Marriage Boot Camp Couples Healing

Jim and Elizabeth are also Dr. Drew Life Changers and can be seen on CNN, The Today Show, The Bethenny Show and Fox & Friends. Dr. Phil, Steve Harvey, and Dr. Drew repeatedly recommend the Marriage & Life Enrichment Boot Camp to their troubled couples.

Marriage Boot Camp was never created for TV, but when Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed were on the brink of a break up, we were called in. From the #1 Marriage Seminar to the TV hit show: Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars. Marriage help has never been as exciting!

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Marriage & Life Enrichment Boot Camp is a marriage seminar retreat that uses intense, interactive, life-changing drills that are designed to renew your connection and save your marriage. In just 4 days you will get the equivalent of 2 years of traditional therapy in this powerful marriage seminar.

Marriage Boot Camp is unlike traditional couple’s therapy. You won’t be sitting through long lectures, and you will not be bored. You will actively participate in structured conversations that help couples quickly identify the root cause of their issues. Learn to resolve conflict and stop the fighting in your marriage! Once the root is exposed, you will work together and individually to heal and grow. When damage is repaired the walls come down and you will fall in love again!

You will not only learn from a particular game or drill, but you will also learn from others who may be struggling with the same issues that you face today. You will discover that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! And you’re sure to make friends for a lifetime!

Are you in a marriage that is falling apart? Well, you’re not alone. Every year it seems that the rate of divorce just keeps going up.

Hollywood stars make divorce seem so normal that we marvel at celebrities with long-standing marriages like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson who have been married since 1988.

Marriage Seminar FAQ


We use 120+ interactive games and drills designed to help couples address and deal with their baggage, damage and issues in marriage.

MBC Day 1 – 10:00AM – 4:30PM

Life Discovery

Marriage Assessment

Communication Basics

LEBC Night 1 – 6:00PM – 10:30PM


Communication Basics

Personality Assessment

MBC Day 2 – 10:00AM – 4:30PM

Marriage Desires

Communication Drill & Kill Practice

How Early Wounds Show up in Your Relationship

LEBC Night 2 – 6:00PM – 10:30PM

How Early Wounds Show up in Your Life

Putting the Past in the Past

MBC Day 3 – 10:00AM – 4:30PM

Communication Drill & Kill Practice

Sex Education Fun

Conflict Rules and Resolution

LEBC Night 3 – 6:00PM – 10:30PM

The New You!

MBC & LEBC Day 4 – 10:00AM – 5:000PM

Putting it All Together

Plans for Life After Boot Camp

Wear something comfortable and casual. If you are cold natured, then bring a light sweater or coat as the room tends to be cool. Also, please dress modestly as many couples struggle with jealousy.

The cost for Marriage Boot Camp is $1,600.00 per couple. Individuals/singles can come to the Life Enrichment Boot Camp for $300, $500 for couples. Bring a friend!

Registration fees cover your attendance to the event and all materials necessary during the event. The registration fee does not include travel, meals, or lodging.

The Boot Camp experience takes place in multiple configurations from one-on-one, to small groups, to big groups; all to get the most learning and healing from the exercise.

The Boot Camp seminar does not provide child care and does not allow children in the event.

The Boot Camp is an intense program that is designed to accelerate growth through a series of games. Each day is more advanced and builds upon the games and drills of the previous day. If you cannot attend an entire Boot Camp, then please wait to attend until you can.

For travel information on airports, hotels and event centers click here: TRAVEL INFORMATION

We require all participants attending the Boot Camp to be at least 18 years of age. The Boot Camp is for all couples age 18 to 99. Because the games and drills are designed to help couples of all ages, groups will have participants of various ages.

No. We will provide you with all the materials and supplies you need during the event. Materials are covered in the cost of your registration.

Yes, if you have a service dog, we do permit your service dog to accompany you; HOWEVER, please be prepared to provide the necessary paperwork to ensure your dog is a certified service animal.


Yes! Communication is the #1 issue in EVERY relationship so you’re not alone! We give you the best, time-tested tools and then we use our “drill & kill” technique to drive these healthy habits into your natural way of connecting by applying the new tools in many situations. You will grow from being a “disaster communicator” to a “master communicator”!

NO! The Boot Camp is for all couples whether you are dating, engaged, or married. The Life Enrichment night time program is for individuals both married and single

Yes! The Marriage Boot Camp does not discriminate against anyone for any reason.

The Marriage Boot Camp is for anyone wanting to make positive change in their lives and relationship. Many couples come as a continuing discipline of growth, while others come as a last ditch effort to save to save what they have.

We can absolutely help you. The Marriage Boot Camp has a success rate that is higher than traditional marriage counseling. We conducted a study following 62 divorcing couples who graduated the Boot Camp recommitted to thier marriages to see how they were doing 2 years later. 80% of these couples ranked themselves “happily married”!

First, you will have the opportunity to rediscover why you fell in love in the first place and can choose to build on this or decide that this was never enough. You will know without a doubt if this is a relationship worth investing in or if you are better off going your separate ways. Second, should you choose to go your separate ways, you will learn to communicate in a way that will make the separating process go more smoothly and most importantly, you will have a set of tools with which to co-parent your children. You will also have those same tools to make all of your continuing relationships happy and healthy.

A large percentage of couples who come to the Marriage Boot Camp are struggling with infidelity. This is an extremely complicated issue with many diverse causes. Those who attend the Boot Camp will have the opportunity to discover the root causes, resolve the underlying issues, heal, forgive, and grow back together…IF you are willing to put in the hard work. You can leave the Boot Camp with the tools and disciplines to sustain a sacred and beautiful relationship.

Many couples invest so much time into their children’s lives that they forget to invest time in themselves or their relationship. The Boot Camp will help you rediscover who you are together and from there, find ways to explore the rich joy of life together. Many couples say they feel closer and have a deeper new love than they ever knew was possible!

Marriage Boot Camp will make crystal clear that abusive behavior will never give you the life you’ve always wanted and we will give you the tools to express anger in a healthy way. We drill down into the root causes of toxic anger (often from childhood) and show you the path to freedom.


All of your payment is refundable except the initial $200 down payment you make to the Marriage Boot Camp. Payment for the Life Enrichment Boot Camp is 100% refundable.

Yes. A minimum down payment of $200 is required to secure your seats. The remaining balance may be paid in any increment and paid in full by the day prior to the start of the event. We are unable to take payments at the door of an event.

Financial aid is provided to those who really need help and is provided by our generous donors based on need and their resources. To apply, go to the bottom of the page and tell us your story in “Contact Us”. We also encourage you to do your own personal fundraising! We are a 501c3 charitable organization and donations can be made in your name and are tax deductible! Here is a sample letter that you can send to your friends, family or church:

Dear friends and family,

We believe so strongly in marriage that we are planning to invest in ours and attend the Marriage Boot Camp and we could use your help. The cost is $1600 and is hard for us right now. Won’t you consider making a donation to this non-profit ministry in our name to help us? Here is the link: https://marriagebootcamp.com/help-a-friend/

You will get a tax-deductible receipt at year end. Thank you!

You will need to contact the venue hotel to arrange lodging. Often, attendees of the Boot Camp are extended a discounted group rate, subject to an expiration date prior to the event. Please contact the venue hotel and ask if a discounted rate is available for attendees of the Marriage Boot Camp.

You can make a donation by clicking here: link: https://marriagebootcamp.com/donate/

Generally no. Check with your insurance company as some will now pay for Life Coaching.


Addiction is a complex problem that requires several treatment approaches. The first is SOBRIETY. An addict must be sober before he can go on to the deeper healing work. The Boot Camp is designed to get at the deep wounds that are often the genesis of addiction. Remember, in addiction recovery sobriety is not the goal, connection is the goal.

Many counselors, therapists and coaches refer their clients to the Boot Camp seminar as it is a great way to begin or jump start the healing journey but it is NOT a replacement for the work that counselors do long term. Click on the CONTACT US window and we will work with you toward your therapeutic goals with your client. We can also provide financial assistance if needed.

Marriage Boot Camp does not provide one-on-one counseling. We are not licensed therapists or counselors. We will not give advice or make recommendations. Everything we do at the Marriage Boot Camp is done in a group setting with various dynamics depending upon the particular drill or game that is being conducted.

No, we do not offer private Marriage Boot Camp sessions. Everything we do at the Marriage Boot Camp is done in a group setting with various dynamics depending upon the particular drill or game that is being conducted.

We don’t give you any advice. You’ll find your own answers as you play the interactive games and drills. Unlike counseling, we have 40 hours over four short days to work with you. The program is intense enough to keep you in the moment so that you are ready and willing to address the issues as they come up. Most counselors that have attended the Boot Camp say that our four-day program is equivalent to a minimum of two years worth of therapy.


The Boot Camp is not a “religious” organization and we do not preach or manipulate. We do have a Christian underpinning of love and non-judgement. We do allow individuals to freely express how God relates to them, but we do not allow anyone to preach at others. We require that everyone be respectful of the different belief systems of the participants. Many people come to the Boot Camp with spiritual damage from religious people or organizations and we work very hard to help people heal and seek God in their own way.

The Marriage Boot Camp is an inclusive, respectful experience for everybody. In 20+ years we have not had a single complaint. Although we have Christian beliefs, we welcome everyone and hold strongly to the belief that we are not to judge another’s beliefs.

“Good psychology is good theology” ~ Elizabeth Carroll. We believe that all the good in the healing arts aligns perfectly with biblical truth and we work diligently to maintain that balance. There is nothing in the Boot Camp curriculum that would be considered controversial to the Judeo Christian culture. We are a therapeutic, healing ministry not an evangelical ministry.


We do not choose who appears on the Marriage Boot Camp TV shows. If you are only interested on being on TV you will need to contact the TV network directly.

NO! The TV version, while real, is far more dramatized for the sake of TV than what you will experience in person. Our standard boot camps are not filmed or recorded in any way.

No. The Boot Camp is in a private and confidential setting. If we conduct seminars in the future that are going to be filmed, we will designate those seminars as TV special events.

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